Benitoite Melee Facet Rough, 21.70 tcw.

Product Code: br2170

Stock Level: 1

Price: $1,626.99

Here for sale is a nice clean parcel of small benitoite facet rough.

I rarely sell benitoite facet rough, but on occasion, I will sell off some melee rough.

This is a melee cutting parcel. There are 34 piece, and the pieces weigh from .27 cts. up to 1.18 cts. for a total carat weight of 21.70 cts.. This parcel will yield mainly only small melee between 1.0 and 2.5 mm size stones, however there are a few pieces that might yield .25 cts. stones, depending on the cuts.

Eye clean benitoite melee has risen in price also and is getting harder to come by, prices can easily average $100 per stone for up to a 2.0 mm stone, so it won't be hard to make a profit on this parcel once cut.