Benitoite, Neptunite and Joaquinite Specimen, (Min)

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Here is an amazing large miniature specimen of Benitoite, Neptunite, and Joaquinite crystals. This is a wonderfully aesthetic specimen of these three minerals. This specimen comes from The Benitoite Gem Mine, now called the California State Gem Mine, in San Benito County. California. It is the only place in the world that these mineral can be found together, and the only place in the world that gem and specimen quality benitoite is found.

This is a beautiful three mineral specimen. The crystals are well spaced out across the matrix so that they can be easily seen. The largest benitotie crystal is very gemmy. The specimen has a few neptunite crystals that are DT and some nice gemmy micro crystals of Joaquinite.

Overall avery nice, showy specimen.

The specimen measures approx. 5.36 cm x 3.22 cm x 1.14 cm thick.


This specimen is mounted on an acrylic base with mineral tack for easy removal and comes with an Identification card.