Fluorescent Benitoite Specimen, (Cab)

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Here is a wonderful Shortwave UV specimen of benitoite.  This cabinet specimen measures approx. 13.17 cm (5.18") long x 5.96 cm (2.34") wide x 2.78 cm (1.09") thick. It weighs approx. 210 grams or 7.4 ounces. It is not much to look at in the light, but turn on the shortwave UV light and it has great fluorescence. This specimen was partially etched to reveal the crystals better. It is made up of veins of small benitoite crystals on a blue and green schist matrix. Most of the veins are druzy in nature. This piece was cut out of a larger piece and has a flat bottom and one smooth edge.

The photos below show the piece is normal light and with the aid of a shortwave UV light to give you the idea of it's fluorescence. In a dark cabinet, it is very bright.