Faceted Peachy Orange Benitoite, Heated, .27 cts.

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Price: $215.99
Type: Benitoite,
Luster: Excellent ,
Weight:  .27 ct.,
Origin: San Benito County, California  USA,
Size: 3.75 mm x 2.55 mm 
Color:  Peach / Orange 
Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
Treatment: Heated


This is one amazing benitoite gemstone. 

Yes, I said did say Peachy Orange in the description.

The most popular color for benitoite is that deep blue with violet color that benitoite is known for. This blue coloring is 100% natural and any attempts to heat treat these blue benitoite just destroys the stones.

The rarest natural color for benitoite is actually colorless or some call them white. These stones lack the popular blue color and look very much like diamonds. However these crystals are very rare and most often form as very small crystals.

What very few people are aware of is that, ONLY these rare colorless benitoite can be heat treated. When properly heat treated, they will never turn blue, but instead they turn beautiful shades of Peach to Orange.

Very few stones are ever heated and as you can imagine most stones are destroyed during this process, leaving only very few to ever hit the market in any given year.

This process for heating colorless benitoite is a proprietary secret and very few people know the actual process. For these reasons there will never be any commercial production of these colored benitoite.

This gem generally eye clean but has a very odd orangey fibrous inclusion that no one can identify, making this a very interesting special inclusion stone for the collector. This stone is even more amazing in the sunlight, lots of fire.

I have added 2 magnified photos in an attempt to try and capture the inclusions. As you can see from the rear photo, there are only the two orange inclusions, but when looking at the front photo, the facets make it look like more. 

Any blue color seen in these photos, cannot be seen in the gem.