Faceted Benitoite, Calibrated Color Suite, 2.75 mm

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Price: $479.99

Pieces: 5, 
Clarity: VVS
Type: Benitoite,
Luster: Excellent ,
Origin: San Benito County, California  USA,
Size: approx. 2.75 mm each
Color:  Colorless to Dark Blue

Shape: Round Brilliant Cut


Here is an amazing color suite of 2.75 mm faceted benitoite gemstones. All of the stones are VVS clarity.

This set shows the different color as well different shades of blue that benitoite has.

The set shows the range of benitoite color from colorless / white, to deep blue with violet in color. 

They all have amazing fire.  Perfect accent stone set or reference stone set.