Benitoite w/ Joaquinite & Neptunite, (SCab), San Benito County, California

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Here is a really nice specimen from the one and only Benitoite Gem Mine, originally named the Dallas Mine, in San Benito County, California. The only place on the planet that gem quality and even specimen quality benitoite can be found, and the only place that these three minerals can be found together.

This is a great specimen with numerous crystals of benitoite, sprinkled across the piece. There are a few small neptunite crystals and joaquinite crystals present also peeking out of the snowy white natrolite.

The largest of the exposed benitoite crystals measures 1.1 cm.. All the benitoite crystals have satin faces and more of a grayish blue color due to the satin luster on the crystals. 

The only damage is to the far right crystal on the edge, the bottom where it contacts the matrix is contacted at it's base.

It measures approx. 6.32 cm x 4.47 cm x 1.50 cm.