GIA Colored Gemstone Report, for all gemstones except for Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald

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You are purchasing a G.I.A. Colored gemstone report for a gemstone you just purchased from me. This report is for any gemstone other than sapphire, ruby or emerald purchased from me.

This report contains the following information,

Weight, Measurements, Shape, Cutting Style, Transparency, Color, Species and a color photo of your stone. Your gemstone will also be registered with G.I.A.. This is a basic level report. If you desire a more advanced report, please contact me for costs.

G.I.A. does not give value appraisals nor do they give clarity grades for colored gemstones. They primary purpose of these report are to verify that your gemstone is authentic.

Below is a sample report.

Any report must be purchased at the same time you purchase your gemstone. You can only purchase one of these reports per gemstone. If you wish to have a report on more than one stone, you must purchase one report for each gemstone you wish to have one for.

I will personally drive your stone to the GIA Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA,  pick it up when the report has been finished, and then ship it to you. The cost of the report includes time and fuel in addition to the report cost, really no more than if you shipped you stone fully insured to them, but a lot safer.

You will be emailed when your stone is submitted to GIA, when I pick it up, and when it ships to you. 

Please understand that the purchase of a report will delay shipping your gemstone order by approximately 2 weeks.

If you have any question, please email me.