NEW & IMPROVED! 4 watt, Filtered, Shortwave UV Light with Longwave Flashlight & Bonus pair of Safety Glasses

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NEW AND IMPROVED! This shortwave uv light is now brighter and now has a longwave bulb in place of the old flashlight.

Our customers have asked, and we have found one. Most of the small portable Filtered Shortwave UV lights on the market run in the $75 to $100 range. We have found a small portable one that we can offer here much less, and to top it off, this light now also has a Longwave UV bulb in place of the old flashlight.

Size 6" length x 2" width
4 AA batteries
4 Watt Mercury Vapor UV Bulb (254nm) Shortwave UV Filtered
The lamp base holds only one bulb at a time
Longwave UV flashlight side lamp included
Wrist Wrap String Included
Side Lamp Stand

90 day warranty on any manufacturing defect or bulb failure.

+++BONUS++++ 1 free pair of UV Safety Glasses 

 This is a must for every Benitoite Hunter and fluorescent mineral collector.

 Absolutely the MOST affordable portable hand held filtered shortwave ultraviolet lamp on the market today!  This filtered Ultraviolet lamp, blocks out the visible light generated by the shortwave bulb allowing for a clear fluorescence of minerals and other shortwave UV reactive materials. It's important to note that the filtering and generation of shortwave Ultraviolet radiation is very different than that of longwave UV (aka a blacklight).  The filtering of shortwave UV is done by using a very special and expensive black glass filter (commonly refered to as a "Hoya" filter), as well as using a special mercury vapor tube to generate the shortwave UV radiation. This lamp uses both and provides the best value for someone seeking a shortwave UV lamp.  Its highly recommended not to use a non-filtered shortwave UV light source if your purpose is to clearly view fluorescent stamps or minerals. Unfiltered bulbs emit to much visible light to clearly see the fluorescent response.

"These small shortwave UV lights are perfect for the small searches. They are inexpensively made, but they do the job." To be Clear, these lamps are sold at below market retail and you will not find a 4 watt filtered shortwave lamp at a better price. Of the other small shortwave UV lamps available, you will not find one with a side flashlight or a filter using the Whole Length of the UV tube for the most output. These lamps are an outstanding deal but inexpensively made, and we want you to be an educated buyer!"

I personally check each light before it ships to ensure it works properly! Your light will have brand new batteries in it so it is ready to use out of the box.

Warning about using Shortwave UV Light...... Proper eye protection should be used when working with any ultraviolet light sources. Although these are only 4 watt lamps, damage to the eyes can occur from prolonged exposure to the shorter wavelengths, known as UV-B (280-315nm) and UV-C (280nm and below). Damage occurs here in the form of photokeratitis (inflammation of the cornea), conjunctivitis  (inflammation of the conjunctiva) and retinal lesions. The first two are known as "welder's flash" and "snow blindness. " Please be safe and wear UV safety glasses.

If you are interested in purchasing an additional pair of UV Safety Glasses, please see our Home Mining Supplies Page.

With the purchase of this light, we are including at no extra cost, 1 pair of UV safety glasses.