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Yogo Sapphire Rough, 40.30 carats

Yogo Sapphire Rough, 40.30 carats Product Information

Here is a great parcel of Montana Yogo sapphire rough.

Hand mined from the Yogo Gulch in Montana, these sapphire are world famous. Yogo sapphires do not need any treatment to show off their beautiful colors. Colors range from cornflower blue to deep blue to violet. Only place on earth these naturally blue sapphires are found.

This parcel consists of mainly specimen pieces, but there is some small facet rough, but they will cut very small stones. Yogo sapphire crystals are usually small and flat as are most of these. Large crystals are rare and are almost always faceted. This lot is perfect for small inlay work in custom jewelry.

This parcel weighs 40.30 carats.  These crystals are small. There are a few that are up to approx. 8mm in diameter, but 4 mm is about average for most pieces in this parcel.


Product Code: ysr4030

Price: $241.99
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