Montana Sapphire Crystal Bracelet, 7 inch

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Here is a custom made bracelet I recently commissioned, beautifully created by Jewelry Designer Samantha Rosenberg.

The bracelet consists of 13 heated, natural Montana Dry Cottonwood Creek Sapphire, approx. 35 ctw., and is 7 inches long. The sapphire where heated to enhance the colors.

The Sapphire from the Dry Cottonwood Creek region of Montana, when heated have a lovely multi coloration to them. As you can see the colors in these sapphire are blue, green, purple, orange, reddish pink.

The sapphire appear to be polished, but they are not. The heating process give the surface of the crystals that look. Note one of the crystals had a heart shape to it and was placed at the center of the bracelet.

These sapphire are set in Rodium plated Sterling Silver, which gives it a high polish and helps prevent the silver from tarnishing.

The bracelet is lighter than it may appear, the total weight is only 14 grams.