Loose Cut & Polished Gemstones

Every item I sell is 100% guaranteed.

However, If you would like to have your gemstone purchase certified by GIA, I can offer this for $190 per sapphire, emerald, ruby or tourmaline and $150 for all other gemstones including benitoite. 

Please understand that this will delay shipping of your purchase by about 2 to 3 weeks. 

I will personally drive your stone to the GIA Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA,  pick it up when it has been certified, and then ship it to you. 

If you wish to get your stone certified, then be sure to purchase a certification for the correct stone at the time of your purchase of the gemstone, and then I will email you.

All the Gemstones on this page (except Benitoite and Montana Sapphire which I personally found) were purchased directly from the miners or purchased from sellers in their countries of origin, and are ready to be set into beautiful Jewelry.

All of our cut gemstones have a full money back guarantee. See our FAQ page for details.


  • Type 1 Gemstones are stones that are usually inclusion free. Examples of Type 1 stones include: amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, kunzite, tanzanite, yellow beryl, yellow chrysoberyl etc. Clarity in this Type 1 group is classified as VVS (minute to detectable), VS (minor), SI1 (noticeable), SI2 (obvious) or I (included).
  • Type 2 Gemstones are stones that are usually included. Examples of Type 2 stones include: alexandrite, andalusite, benitoite, iolite, peridot, rhodolite, ruby, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, tsavorite etc. Clarity in this Type 2 group is classified as VVS (minor), VS (noticeable), SI1 (obvious), SI2 (prominent), or I (prominent, affecting appearance).
  • Type 3 Gemstones are stones that are almost always included. Examples of Type 3 stones include: emerald, red tourmaline etc. Clarity in this Type 3 group is classified as VVS (noticeable), VS (Obvious), SI1 (prominent), SI2 (more prominent), or I1 (affecting appearance or durability).


My Clarity Codes
IF: Internally flawless

VVS: Eye Clean - Loupe Clean, Very, Very slight inclusion only visible with magnification
VS: Very slight inclusions, Eye clean, might be barely visible 
SI: Slightly included, Visible inclusions
I1: Included