Jackson Crossroads, JXR, Amethyst, Wilkes Co., Georgia Large DT Cabinet Specimen

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This beautiful specimen of Quartz var. Amethyst, comes from the locale that is arguably the finest American Amethyst locale, Jackson Crossroads, Wilkes County, Georgia.

It is very uncommon to find such a large, fine specimen from this locale. It's purple color is unbelievable. The specimen is double terminated, which again is rare for such a large crystal.

It was removed from it's matrix that is was discovered on, as seen in the last photo of the back side.

It's purple color goes from deep grape jelly purple at the largest tip, to a lavender and back to deep again. The color zoning present in the crystals just adds to its beauty.

There is one area of contact that has healed on the front of the specimen, near the smaller crystal that comes out the side. All the tips are pristine, but for the back of the tip on that small side crystal. The Main DT tips are undamaged.

 It measures 16 cm x 12.1 cm x 8 cm, (6 1/2 inches long) and weighs 1.626 kg or 3.09 pounds.

This is a very showy specimen for sure.