Beryl var. Morganite, Elizabeth R Mine, San Diego Co., California (Min)

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Here is a wonderful specimen of Pink Beryl, aka Morganite, from California, This crystal comes from the Elizabeth R Mine, San Diego County, California. 


I picked this up out of an older collection. The collection was put together from the 1960's through the late 1970's.




It weighs 34.1 grams / 170.5 cts and measures 3.51 cm wide x 2.68 cm tall x 2.35 cm thick. 


It has High luster terminated faces, and has a very interesting growth patterns on front face, 

very botryoidal in nature. Also has a few areas internally of iridescence.

Contact damage to the rear of the crystal and slight contact along one front edge. Has some matrix quartz still attached on rear and bottom of the crystal. 

A very nice, large single California Morganite Crystal specimen. Looks much better in person.