Beryl var. Pink (Morganite) San Diego, County, CA

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Beryl var. Pink (Morganite)
San Diego, County, CA
49.2 gr., 4.86 cm x 3.0 cm x 3.3 cm


This is a very interesting specimen. It came out of a very old Southern California Collection. This specimen was wrapped in a piece of 1940's newspaper that fell apart when it was removed from it.
It was shown to quite a few old San Diego collectors who did confirm that Morganite like this did come out of a few mines back in the 1940's.
It is either a intergrown cluster of gemmy morganite crystals or it one crazy multi twinned crystal, it is hard to tell. It has many terminated faces (hard to see in my photos). It is a beautiful, very gemmy pink color. It is etched on three sides, some more than others. It does have a few unetched faces with very high luster, one side appear to be contacted and not damaged.

Its a quite a beautiful specimen.