Benitoite with Neptunite & Joaquinite (Min)

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Benitoite with Neptunite & Joaquinite, The Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito County, CA

4.31 cm x 3.78 cm x 1.6 cm

This is a great specimen of these three rare minerals.

There is only one place in the world that these three minerals can be found together, original name was the Dallas Mine, over the years it has had a few different names, but the one most people recognize is the Benitoite Gem Mine.

The crystals sit atop of a matrix of greenish blue schist with snowy white natrolite. The main focal point is a large, well terminated Benitoite crystal approx. 1.13 cm.

Sprinkled around the snowy white natrolite are micro crystals of Neptunite and Joaquinite. 

A very nice showy multi mineral specimen.