Crystallized Natrolite Specimen, San Benito County, California.

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Natrolite, San Benito County, California.
5.75 cm x 4.49 cm x 2.0 cm
ex. Marty Zinn collection

You don't come across specimens of well crystallized Natrolite from California every day, especially gem grade crystals.
This specimen came out of an old collection and although the card only states, San Benito County, you can bet it is from within the Clear Creek Management area, probably close to the Benitoite Mine. 
This is a cluster of well terminated natrolite crystals that are opaque at the base and gradually get more clear towards the tips. The largest crystal is approx. 5 cm long. There are a few crystals that are not complete in the cluster, but very hard to see and do not take away from the beauty and rarity of this specimen. A very hard type specimen to find in the market today.