Neptunite w/ Natrolite Specimen, San Benito County, CA (Min)

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Neptunite w/ Natrolite Specimen, San Benito County, CA
4.14 cm x 4.0 cm x 2.27 cm
Here is a very nice miniature size specimen of Neptunite on matrix with Natrolite. This specimen comes from The Benitoite Gem Mine, which was originally called the Dallas Mine and now called the California State Gem Mine, in San Benito County. California.
This is a wonderfully aesthetic specimen of this mineral with small to large crystals of neptunite that have very high luster, atop and within a bed of snowy white natrolite, and has a very 3 dimensional look to it.
The largest crystal measures approx. 6 mm thick and 2.5 cm long. If you angle the specimen in the light just right, you will get flashes of red from some of the crystals, since Neptunite only look black in color, it is actually the deepest red you will ever see, making it look black.
This specimen is mounted on an acrylic base with mineral tack for easy removal, the bottom of the specimen has been prepped to sit on it's own as shown.