Beryl var. Emerald, Muzo Mine, Columbia, 22.32 cts., with G.I.A. Certification

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Here is a beautiful light green Emerald from one of these most famous Emerald mines in the world. This is a beautiful specimen of a well formed natural emerald crystal.

It looks light in color, but is darker down the C axis, and looks darker in color when viewed against a dark background. It is well terminated, and appears to be DT, but the bottom termination has damage.

The beautiful emerald crystal has a great hexagonal shape . From the slightly rounded edges and slight pitting of the surface, it would appear that the crystal did possibly spend time in moving water.

Knowing that as much as 95% of good clarity emerald crystal are treated before they even hit the market, I want to be able to tell the buyer exactly what they are buying, as with every item I sell. So I took the crystal to G.I.A. for certification.

This natural emerald crystal, ( whose origin was found to be inconclusive) according to G.I.A. has some moderate clarity enhancement done, which seems to be the norm these days with most emerald crystals before they hit the market.

So this crystal is being sold as a prepared specimen and not as facet rough. The buyer will receive the G.I.A. certification along with this amazing crystal.

It measures 27.45 mm x 11.42 mm x 7.57 mm, and weighs 4.46 gr. / 22.32 cts.