Golden Honey Yellow Fluorite w/ Chalcopyrite, (SCab) Solis, Asturias, Spain

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Here is a fantastic, small cabinet size specimen of Golden Honey Yellow Fluorite in matrix with Chalcopyrite.  It comes from the La Moscona Mines,  Solis, Asturias, Spain. 

This unique colored fluorite from Spain is a small cabinet size specimen, but is large and almost listed as a cabinet size. It weighs 256.4 grams. It measures approx. 9.17 cm wide x 5.90 cm tall x 4.0 cm thick.

It is a wonderfully aesthetic specimen with a blanket of gemmy golden honey yellow fluorite. There is an area on the back side that has chalcopyrite. On the front of the specimen, sprinkled over some of the fluorite, are what was first believed to be Chalcopyrite, but under magnification these micro crystals are transparent and brown in color. Not sure what they could be from this locale. My first thought would be sphalerite, I cannot be sure, but makes for a very interesting look. There are also a few barite crystals present, mainly on the bottom.

Please take your time and view the many photos below. The photos do not do this large specimen justice. 

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