Garnet var. Andradite, (SCab) Garnet Hill, Calaveras County, CA. ex John Sinkankas, Scripps, & Bill Larson Collections

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Here is one amazing specimen of Andradite Garnet. 

After a recent talk with Mr. Bill Larson, it has been determined that this specimen was mis - labeled. Even though the old labels read San Benito County, this specimen in all likely hood is from Garnet Hill in Calaveras County, California. It was collected in the late 1930's 

This specimen has been in some of the best collections in the world. It is originally from the John Sinkankas collection, then part of the Josephine Scripps collection, and later it was part of Pala Properties / Bill Larson Garnet Collection and was on display in his Fallbrook, CA shop.

This has some of the largest  and nicest garnet I have seen from this region. The largest crystal measures approx. 2.3 cm long and is over 2 cm thick, a real monster. This large andradite garnet is well placed with smaller andradites and quartz. 

The amazing crystals are a rich, deep chocolate brown and have very eye catching bands and areas of orange - red, translucent gemmy fire, when backlit. They have very high luster. The base has been saw cut to enhance the display quality. It is mounted on a clear acrylic base with it's own engraved name plate, using mineral tac.  An old collection number is still on the base of the specimen.

The specimen weighs 144.2 grams and measures approx. 5.8 cm x 4.2 cm x 3.8 cm.

This is an extremely rare specimen from this region and has fine provenance. The photos do not do this piece justice.