Gem Sphalerite & Calcite, Elmwood Mine, Tenn. (Cab)

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Here is one amazingly beautiful specimen of gem sphalerite and calcite from the famous Elmwood Mine in Smith County Tenn..

This wonderful specimen is out of an old collection and was recovered many years ago. I have not seen any specimens like it from the mine.

The cabinet size specimen is just a mass of all gemmy sphalerite crystals, with very high luster, some up to 1.5 cm in length. The color seems dark in the photos, but when a light is held up from behind, they come alive with a wonderful root beer coloring and red.

To add to it's beauty, there are numerous crystals of calcite, just a few on one side, but the back side is covered in them. As seen in the photos, these calcite crystals have an iridescence to them, that just adds to the beauty of this specimen.

Measures 12.15 cm x 8.84 cm x 1.7 cm

ex. Clay Williams Collection