Double Terminated Quartz Crystal with Petroleum Inclusions, 32.51 carats

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Here is an amazing double terminated Quartz crystal that has petroleum inclusions. This crystal comes from Baluchistan Pakistan.

These petroleum included double terminated quartz crystals are a recent discovery in the last few years and have quickly become very popular with collectors. The clarity and shape of these crystals have given them the name of "Diamond Quartz".

Not only have the fluorescent petroleum inclusions made these very popular, but in almost every pocket of petroleum, is a methane gas bubble. Most of these move within the oil as you turn the crystals.

Most bubbles you need magnification to see due to their size. It is also easier to see the bubbles if you use a uv light to fluoresce the petroleum.

This specimen is much larger than most, measuring approx. 2.61 cm x 1.66 cm x 1.30 cm which is quite rare. The crystal weighs approx. 6.50 grams or 32.51 carats.  It would grade a AAA for it's clarity, number of bubbles, crystal form and size, but there is just one small area of contact from other crystals. It does not take away from the uniqueness of this specimen.. This is one of the better ones I have had.