Quartz Crystals with Amethyst Scepter, Spruce #16 Claim, King Co., WA

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Here is a beautiful specimen of intergrown quartz crystals. It comes from the Spruce #16 Claim (Spruce Ridge) King County, Washington, USA.

5.50 cm x 2.60 cm x 1.47 cm

What is amazing about these quartz it that, one crystal formed into a scepter with a Amethyst crown. The purple is pale in color but does show much darker when viewed down some axis. 

Most of the quarzt is clear with just the slightest yellow to it, the camera seems to pick up more than the eye. On the front of the intergrown crystals near the base, there are numberous micro quartz crystals present.

The specimen is mounted to the acrylic base with hot glue for display.