Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Rough Parcel, Raw unpolished, 360 gr. / 1800 carats

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Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Rough Parcel, Raw unpolished, 360 grams / 1800 carats. These come from the Harts Range Area, Northern Territory, Australia

"Rainbow Lattice Sunstone" as it is called, is a type of Orthoclase Feldspar that has geometric patterned inclusions of Ilmenite and Hematite. When properly oriented, these inclusions take on a visible iridescence that give them a rainbow type coloration.

This unique variety of this mineral is from a rather small discovery in the Hart Range Area of Australia's Northern Territory.


These pieces of raw rough, have is not polished in anyway and are as found, just washed off in water. The thicker the piece the more red is visually present, something you do not see in most polished pieces.

If you have worked this material before, you know that like most sunstone, it does fracture and finding piece thick enough to polish can be difficult. Piece in this parcel run in weight from a few carats up to 54 grams. 


This parcel is being offered at a blow out price well below wholesale prices! At $1.00 per carat / $5.00 per gram, you cannot find comparable material anywhere for this price.

This parcel will only be sold as a whole, no cherry picking. If the parcel does not meet your needs, you must return the entire parcel for a refund.