Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, 42.6 gr. / 213 cts.

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This is by far the largest, nicest single piece I have ever had for sale.

"Rainbow Lattice Sunstone" as it is called, is a type of Orthoclase Feldspar that has geometric patterned inclusions of Ilmenite and Hematite. When properly oriented, these inclusions take on a visible iridescence that give them a rainbow type coloration. This unique mineral is from a rather small discovery in the Hart Range Area of Australia's Northern Territory. 

This piece has only had a veru light polish on one side to reveal it pattern, other than that the crystal is all natural. You do not find pieces this large in the market. 

5.30 cm x 4.1 cm x 1.62 cm and weighs 4.26 grams / 213 carat