Historic Sulfur Specimen, Calusa County, CA., Collected 1843, ex. W.W. Jefferis coll., ex. Carnegie Museum Collection

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Here is an amazing Historic Specimen of Sulfur, from of all places California, Calusa County to be exact.

Although California is not known for it's sulfur deposits, there was a time during the 1800's that is was mined in this state.

This specimen was acquired in 1843 by one of the most well known collectors of the time, W.W. Jefferis. His own collection label (which comes with the specimen) states 11/29/43.

This specimen which measures 11.92 cm x 7.0 cm x 3.55 cm and weighs 152.9 grams,  is extremely well preserved. It has no noted visible damage that I can see.

It shows many fine sulfur crystals in many differing crystal habits. The rear of the specimen also shows cinnabar present beneath the sulfur crystals. 

Late in his life when word got out that he was selling off his collection, the Carnegie Museum purchased the entire collection. This specimen also comes with the Museums collection card also.

These cards although yellowed, and the Jefferis card is missing a few small pieces, are still very displayable.

Among my photos, you will find a biography of W.W. Jefferis which was published in the Mineralogical Record.