Montana Missouri River Sapphire Facet Rough, 13.75 carats, High Grade / Eye Clean, No Heat

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 This is a very high grade facet rough parcel of Montana sapphire. This parcel is 100% natural, no treatment of any kind. 

This parcel of sapphire consists of facet grade sapphire from the Missouri River, Eldorado Bar, in Helena Montana. There are 13.75 carats of hand selected sapphire rough in this parcel. The stones are very eye clean. 

There are 5 pieces of sapphire rough in this parcel. The photos show the actual sapphire, last photo on a light table.

The carat weight and dimensions of each are; 

2.18 cts., 8.18 mm x 5.61 mm x 4.97 mm

2.35 cts., 9.58 mm x 6.59 mm x 3.39 mm

2.59 cts., 8.29 mm x 6.98 mm x 3.98 mm

3.32 cts., 9.71 mm x 7.08 mm x 4.39 mm

3.48 cts., 7.44 mm x 5.69 mm x 6.30 mm