Montana Rock Creek Sapphire, 1.68 carats

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Clarity: VVS2
Type: Sapphire
Luster: Excellent
Weight: 1.68 cts.
Origin: Rock Creek, Near Philipsburg, Montana,  USA
Size: 6.83 mm X 4.72 mm
Color:  Greenish/ Blue/ Yellow   
Shape: Round Portuguese Cut 

Treatment: None   

Here is an amazing 100% Natural Montana Sapphire. Natural Rock Creek Sapphire this clean and this size are very rare in the market, especially untreated. The rough for this sapphire was recovered this past July at the tourist area known as Gem Mountain, just outside Philipsburg, Montana.

Due to green, blue and yellow color zoning, this beauty has what some call Parti coloring.  No treatment of any type was used for this stone. This sapphire is Eye Clean, VVS2.  It has a some very slight natural silk lines (common to sapphire from this region), these give the sapphire a slightly frosted or sleepy look. However, this sapphire is very lively in the sunlight.

The "silk" in a sapphire, as it is called do to it's appearance,  is a result of natural microscopic rutile needles. Sapphires get their blue color from titanium. Heating a sapphire will increase and deepen its color by melting the rutile, which is a titanium mineral. By releasing the titanium while melting the rutile will clear up the appearance of the stone in addition to intensifying the color. The purchaser of the stone may choose to heat treat this sapphire, but I always prefer and sell 100% natural untreated sapphire since they are just much more rare. Untreated sapphire this large from the Rock Creek Deposits are very hard to come by.

This stone is blinding in the sunlight, tons sparkle.

The photos of the sapphire are taken using extreme magnification. The photos really do not do this sapphire justice. 

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All photos are taken at extreme magnification, so that you can see what you are purchasing.