Jewel Jar GM

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This is our Jewel Jar GM. 

It contains approximately 3 - 4 pounds of raw gravel from the famed Gem Mountain Region, Rock Creek, near Philipsburg, Montana. It comes in this great jewel shaped container that you can keep your extra gravel in or use any way you want when you are finished. 

The concentrated gravel from this region tends to be covered in mud and sand when it arrives, and that is how you get it. 





 It does not have the fossil content or various minerals of the El dorado Bar gravel we sell. What it lacks in interesting rocks and fossils, it more than makes up for it in the amount of sapphires found and their bright colors. 

The sapphires from the Gem Mountain Region near Philipsburg traditionally are about the size of a pea or smaller. They are usually round in shape. Although larger stones can be found, most are under 1 carat in size. They can be found in all the colors of the rainbow. The most common colors are blues, greens & clear, but reds, pinks, yellows, oranges and violets are also commonly found. These sapphires also usually are very clear in their quality. Very few heavily included stones are found. Our largest sapphire find to date from this region was 6.75 ct. violet and pink in color. 

Like any type of treasure hunt, you never know exactly what you will find. To make sure that you do make a find and enjoy your hunt, we are adding 20 carats of rough Montana sapphires.


Concentrate means that all of the gravel is screened to remove the large rock. It is then put into piles for us to pick up or have shipped to us. Perfect for home mining!