Oregon Sunstone in Matrix, 142.6 grams

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Here is a wonderful specimen of Oregon Sunstone in it's basalt matrix. This specimen was acquired from the Pana - Mine in Plush Oregon some years ago.

If you have ever seen Oregon sunstone from the Sunstone Butte area of Plush, then you know the volcanic basalt is intact unlike the lower sunstone basin where the basalt has eroded into a clay - like substance.

This volcanic basalt is very light weight, almost nothing to it. Almost all the weight of this specimen is the sunstone. As with most of the sunstone found, it forms in within the basalt, and what may have began as a single large crystal, over millions of years, fractures into smaller pieces. It is rare to find a single crystal intact without any fracturing.

The large sunstone crystal present in this specimen is a single large crystal that has fractured in place. A lot of the crystal pieces are still present and in place, which show the original pocket growth. There are pieces that have copper schiller in them, and a few pieces have color.  

The specimen measures 6.8 cm x 5.7 cm x 4.6 cm, and weighs 142.6 grams. The crystal area of the specimen measures 5.0 cm x 3.7 cm x 3.0 cm.