Oregon Sunstone, 11.27 cts.

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Clarity: VVS

Type: Oregon Sunstone
Luster: High 
Weight: 11.27 cts.
Origin: Near Plush, Oregon, USA
Size: 17.60 mm x 14.30 mm x 8.53 mm
Color:  Golden Orange, dichroic   
Shape: Oval Cut 

Treatment: None

Here is an amazing faceted Oregon Sunstone.  This beauty's color is hard to describe. I call it "Fall colors", but it appears somewhat Golden Orange. It does have some slight red and green in it and can appear a different color when viewed from different angles due to some zoning of color as well as it's dichroic nature. Also due to some color zoning, there is one small area that almost appears colorless. This gem is a very clean stone.  

Absolutely stunning in the sunlight, truly lives up to the name Sunstone.