Oregon Sunstone, 3.45 cts., Schiller

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Type: Oregon Sunstone

Luster: High 
Weight: 3.45 cts.
Origin: Near Plush, Oregon, USA
Size: 13.0 mm x 8.50 mm x 6.40 mm
Color: Green with Schiller 
Shape: Pear Cut 
Treatment: None

Here is one amazing faceted Oregon Sunstone. Thanks to Nick Fabri for bringing the piece of rough to life. One of the nicest schillers I have had cut.

Head on, this stone has a great 3D effect due to the deep green color low in the stone and the copper schiller near the top. In the sunlight there is some slight red visible. Other than the amazing schiller, the stone is very clean and has great brilliance in the sunlight.

Much nicer that the photos can adequately show.