Oregon Sunstone, 7.53 cts.

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Clarity: VVS

Type: Oregon Sunstone
Luster: High 
Weight: 7.53 cts.
Origin: Near Plush, Oregon, USA
Size: 15.54 mm x 12.22 mm x 7.68 mm
Color:  Burnt Orange, dichroic   
Shape: Oval Cut 

Treatment: None

Here is an amazing faceted Oregon Sunstone.  This beauty's color is hard to describe. I call it "Fall colors", but it appears Burnt Orange (reddish orange). It does have some red and green in it and can appear a different color when viewed from different angles due it's dichroic nature. This gem is a very clean stone, does have some slight copper schiller that is not easy to see.  

Absolutely stunning in the sunlight, truly lives up to the name Sunstone.