Oregon Sunstone, Rough Parcel, Clears,Champagne, 100 grams / 500 carats

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Price: $99.99

These are parcels of rough Oregon Sunstone.

These parcels consist of 100 grams = 500 carats, of clears, yellows and champagne colors, you might even find a schiller or two in these parcels.  Many people discount these clear, yellow and champagne stones since they are not colors, but if you have ever seen one properly cut, you know just how beautiful they truly are and just where term Sunstone came from. 

These parcels are perfect for wrapping, cabbing, tumbling, setting as natural crystals, and yes even cutting. There are pieces of varying sizes in these parcel, with many facetable piece.  

As with all my facet rough parcels, the parcels are sold intact, I will not break them up or allow it to be cherry picked.

(The photograph is a representation of a 500 carat parcel, piece will vary in size and shape in parcel, but the photo is an average of the material available.)