Faceted Rubellite Tourmaline, 5.12 carats

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Here is a Beautiful Tourmaline Gemstone. This gemstone was cut from a piece of rubellite rough from Brazil.
This stone weighs in at 5.12 carats and measures approx. 12.6 mm x 9.0 x 6.4 mm.
The color has been called "Electric Pink" and "Electric Raspberry", I just call it amazing.
It has a nice antique oval type cut that really shows off the color well. 
This beautiful stone is very clean, VVS, but even with a 10X loupe, I cannot find any flaws. There is however one slight surface flaw located near the girdle on one side, but on the back side of the stone, not visible table up.
Although this gem is beautiful in its own right, it should be recut to bring out it's true potential and to remove the large window present.
Still, Rubellite gems this size and this clean are selling for $1000 per carat, however due to the very slight back side surface flaw, and less than optimal cut, it is being offered way below current market pricing, a steal at this price.
 Please look at all of the photos and ask any questions before making your purchase. The photos just do not do this stone justice. It will blind you in the sunlight!