Benitoite Crystal, 5.48 carats

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Here is one amazing benitoite crystal. If you know benitoite, then you know larger crystal specimens are rare to come by, since most larger crystals are usually saved for faceting or cabbing. 

This benitoite, was not able to fully form, since it formed within a vein. It does however have one terminated side. It has the slight remains of the schist on two sides of the crystal.

It weights in at 5.48 carats and measures approx. 10.37 mm X 7.26 mm. The blue in the photos is the blue you will get on this one. It is a deep blue with violet in color. If you look down the center of this crystal, it shows some very nice clarity.  This nice clean area in the crystal might yield a nice gemstone, but I am selling this as a specimen and not facet rough.  This one glows very brightly under shortwave UV.


This is a must have for the rare crystal specimen collector.