Faceted Benitoite, Calibrated Color Line, 2.50 mm

Product Code: bfs25048

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Price: $479.99

 Pieces: 6 in a set, 

Clarity: All Eye Clean
Type: Benitoite,
Luster: Excellent ,
Weight: .48 tcw
Origin: San Benito County, California  USA,
Size:  2.50 mm each
Color: Dark Blue

Shape: Round Brilliant Cut

Here is a beautiful set of 2.50 mm calibrated size and color, faceted benitoite gemstones.

Although it might not look like it in the photo, these stones are all color matched depending on how you view them.

The color is a beautiful benitoite dark blue, they can look slightly lighter or darker depending on the light and viewing angle.  These beauties are ready to be set as accent stones. They have amazing fire.    

These sets are getting increasingly hard to get and assemble due to the very large amount of rough that must be cut, in order to even match a single pair, let alone a set of 6.