"Color Change" Fluorite, Annabel Lee Mine, Hardin Co., Illinois

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"Color Change" Fluorite, Annabel Lee Mine, 
Hardin County, Illinois, 12.8 cm x 9.0 cm x 4.1 cm

Well this is a rare piece I have had in my personal collection for a while. It was purchased from a family member, said to be collected from the Annabel Lee mine by a family member who worked the mine.

You will have to look at all the photo and video to see just what I mean when I say "Color Change". All the photos and video are taken with overhead lighting, no back lighting is used. Also the video does not see what the eye sees, when filming the video, the color was clearly greenish blue or teal in color.

Click here to see the Youtube video.

This specimen has super clean, ice clear , inter- grown cubes of fluorite. There is no zoning in the fluorite, the colors just seem to flow together from one to another. You can see at it's very base purple, yellow and most of the crystals are blue. However the colors flow together which make the color change depending on how you look at it or the type of lighting you are using.
The fluorite looks a blended color of teal in most lighting, sometimes looks green or blue also. 
Another interesting thing about this specimen, the very bottom is a very thin layer that I originally thought was some matrix, but come to see that it is made up of micro calcite crystals and this fluorite grew atop of something curved, which I had not seen before. 
Now there are cleaves along the edges, but the center, main focal area, shows no cleaves or damage.
This is a rare beauty for sure.