Fluorite, Aragonite, Galena Specimen, Rogerley Mine, England, (Cab)

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Here is one of the finest cabinet size specimen of gemmy emerald green Fluorite I have had. This very aesthetic specimen comes from the Rogerley Mine, County Durham, England.

This large specimen has amazing, very gemmy green fluorite rhombs up to 1.8 cm. There are numerous penetration twinning and intergrown crystals present on this specimen. There is some very slight brusing on a few of the rhombs, but hard to see and nothing that takes away from it's beauty. This specimen also has Aragonite present along with some galena crystals.

The daylight fluorescence of this piece is outstanding, it is shown in only the last photo. 

The specimen measures approx. 11.48 cm x 6.57 cm x 5.54 cm.

The specimen looks even better in person.