Red Beryl, aka Bixbite Specimen, Single 7.14 cts. Crystal, Beaver County, Utah

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Price: $3,499.99

Here is an amazing specimen of Red Beryl, aka Bixbite.  Red Beryl is one of the world's rarest gemstones. This beautiful specimen comes the Ruby / Violet Claims, Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Utah.  

This is an amazing single, very high quality crystal.  This crystal is 100% natural with very high luster faces. It's beautiful Raspberry Red color is very transparent throughout most of the crystal.

There is some slight rhyolite  inclusions near the bottom and rear of the crystal. The top of the crystal is well terminated, is does have one small chips that is hard to see.

This crystal weighs 7.14 cts. and measures 13.0 mm x 8.78 mm x 7.01 mm.

This is a very high end specimen (that my photos just do not do justice to) that you would usually see for almost double my asking price with most dealers, if it were not for that small chip in the top termination, my price might also be higher.

This crystal is being sold as a Specimen, Please do not ask what size a gem it will cut. If the buyer chooses to have it cut, that is up to them, however I will not and cannot say what size stone it might cut.