2.07 cts. Montana Missouri River Sapphire

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Price: $2,586.99

Clarity: VVS2
Type: Sapphire
Luster: Excellent 
Weight: 2.07 cts.
Origin:  El dorado Bar, Helena, Montana,  USA
Size:  8.56 mm x 4.52 mm
Color:  Grayish Blue / Greenish Blue   
Shape: Trillion Cut

Treatment: None   


Here is one very beautiful and interesting, 100% Natural Montana Missouri River Sapphire. As with most Montana Missouri River sapphire, this is a color changer.  Indoor lighting, this amazing sapphire appears a grayish blue,  greenish blue or teal depending on the lighting type and intensity. In the sunlight, if you can see past it's brilliance, it looks an amazing Sky Blue color. 

The trillion cut the stone has is amazing, it really brings great life to the stone. 

The sapphire is eye clean and only has a very slight amount of natural silk that can only be seen with magnification.  The presence of such silk only proves the sapphire has not been heated, as these would disappear if it were heated. In the extremely magnified photos, you will see some of the amazing micro inclusions that are present in this sapphire. It has some iridescent rutile, some micro crystals (possible spinel) and a very interesting iridescent halo. I mention these for those collectors that love unique natural inclusions, but these cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

This sapphire has great life in the sunlight and looks much better in person. 

These photos are taken at extreme magnification so you can see exactly what you are purchasing. This sapphire is much more beautiful than the photos show. As with all of the gemstones I sell, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, return it for a refund.