Benitoite, Neptunite and Joaquinite Specimen, (SCab), San Benito County, California

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Here is a beautiful multi Mineral specimen from the one and only Benitoite Gem Mine, originally named the Dallas Mine, in San Benito County, California

This is a great specimen with crystals of benitoite, neptunite and joaquinite within a matrix if bluish green schist and white natrolite. The largest of the exposed benitoite crystals measures 1.1 cm. There are about a dozen benitoite crystals, large and small sprinkled among the the numerous (black cherry) neptunite crystals. Some are missing their tips, but the shear number, high luster faces, and red flash more than make up for that.

Also present is another single locale mineral, Joaquinite. These small orangey brown crystals can be found on the surface of the exposed schist.

It measures approx. 6.2 cm x 5.2 cm x 3.38 cm.

Overall a very special multi mineral specimen from the mine.